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Top 7 Customer Service Best Practices to Look Out For

Customer service is an essential component of any business. This is why it is necessary to follow customer service best practices to establish and maintain customer loyalty and drive revenue. Customers expect quick and efficient service in today's digital age, and companies must be able to provide it to compete.

This may seem like a bold claim, but it is correct in many cases. No matter how great your product is, it all falls into the water if you need the right vision for bettering your relationship with customers. There should be a constant commitment to enhancing and improving customer service practices. Otherwise, you can expect to lose a significant number of customers.

Satisfied customers are always more likely to come back. It is those relationships you need to value and maintain. But why? There are many answers. The most obvious one is less overall money spent. Investing in acquiring new customers is, in fact, up to 25 times more costly than retaining existing ones!

Why do so many businesses fail in this area if customer service is vital to a company's success?

Customer service failures frequently have little to do with malicious intent to be unhelpful to customers. They are often the result of turning a blind eye to tools that could enhance a customer's experience. 

Why is customer service the core of your organization

It's one thing to say "customers matter"; it's another to believe it. What your customers think about you is hugely important to your company's success.

Customer service is the building block of any successful business, and ours is no exception. It would help if you fostered trust and loyalty by prioritizing your customers' needs and satisfaction, resulting in repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. Your dedicated customer service team should be trained to handle any issue that may arise and to provide each customer with a personalized solution. Furthermore, continuously improving and evolving to better serve your customers by actively seeking and incorporating customer feedback into our customer service practices. 

Keeping your customers is always cheaper and acquiring new ones

Let's start by clarifying that you should continue looking for new customers. Acquired customers are still vital to the growth of any business. However, it is essential to note that customer retention is far less costly than customer acquisition. Investing in tactics to try to recruit new customers is, in fact, 5-25 times more pricey than retaining existing ones, according to various studies.

One of the most fundamental ways to retain current customers is to invest in exceptional customer service. And how do you go about it? It is all about following best practices for outstanding customer service!

The way you treat your customers is the way they'll perceive your brand

How your brand is perceived is important regardless of industry. And, let's face it, if poor customer service is part of that perception, your company is in trouble.

Your customer service team is an essential component of your branding. An extraordinary team with exceptional customer service best practices has more influence over the perception of your brand than other aspects of your branding, such as social media, digital marketing, and advertisements.


Because they are dealing with a first-hand experience, customers will interact directly with customer service representatives. Their experiences will then shape how consumers perceive your brand and your company's approach to customer satisfaction.

Great customer service= loyal customers

It's no secret that providing excellent customer service leads to increased customer satisfaction, influencing customers' purchasing decisions and brand loyalty. In fact, 96% of customers say that customer service is vital in their decision to become or remain loyal to a brand.

Customers are savvy and will not settle for brands that do not meet (and often exceed) their customer service expectations. Loyalty is extremely important for customers, so it is up to you to make an effort to understand them.

Top 7 best practices for exceptional customer service

Now that you understand the importance of exceptional customer service, you must know how to implement it in real life by following tried and true best practices. It is one thing to say you care about your customers. It is entirely different actually to deliver that promise in real life.

But, no worries. If you need help enhancing customer service, this list of best practices is here for you!

1. Improve First Contact Resolution

First Contact Resolution, or FCR, is critical to providing excellent customer service. When a customer contacts an assistance company, they anticipate resolving their inquiry in a timely manner. Organizations can offer a positive and satisfying customer experience by training customer service representatives to handle and resolve customer issues at the initial point of contact. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also helps to reduce the number of follow-up contacts and escalations, saving both the customer and the company time and resources. Furthermore, first-contact resolution fosters customer trust and loyalty by demonstrating that the company is committed to resolving their issues and meeting their needs.

2. Focus on employee experience

A positive employee experience is critical for providing excellent customer service. Employees are more engaged and motivated to provide excellent customer service when they are happy and fulfilled in their roles. This creates a virtuous circle in which happy employees lead to satisfied customers, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Furthermore, when employees are well-trained, have the necessary tools and resources, and understand their roles and responsibilities, they can better handle customer inquiries and issues, resulting in a higher rate of first contact resolution and overall customer satisfaction.

If you want to learn more about employee experience's impact on customer experience, check out our blog.

3. Provide self-service options

Put yourself into the shoes of the customer. You only sometimes want to talk directly to the customer service representative. Research by Harvard Business Review shows that 81% of customers prefer resolving the issue themselves before contacting a customer service representative.

You may wonder how you provide excellent customer service without the need to talk to the agent directly.

You should also consider using chatbot software, which, driven by knowledge base software, may be used to deliver responses to customer support questions and requests for additional information. Not only that, but chatbots may assist with product recommendations and guide people through your website, improving your customer service.

More on chatbots here!

4. Adopt an omnichannel strategy

When you use an omnichannel strategy, you provide your customers with a consistent and smooth experience regardless of how they connect with your company. They'll feel like they're getting the same outstanding service and attention whether they're buying in-store, online, or on the go. Understanding your consumers' preferences and behaviors across several platforms allows you to tailor your content and offers to meet their demands better.

Here is where choosing the right solution is essential. Opt for the one that will support you across all channels and stages of your growth. Furthermore, providing several channels for clients to contact you and receive assistance will make them feel more valued and supported. Overall, an omnichannel strategy assists you in developing more profound, more meaningful connections with your customers, which leads to happier, more loyal customers.

5. Make it easy to get in touch

Making it simple for your clients to get assistance is one of the most beneficial things you can do for them. The more complex the process, the less likely you are to keep your consumers.

Create an easy-to-find and use support widget for your website so that clients stay aware of the process. It's also beneficial to provide live chat assistance for rapid, efficient responses that get your consumers what they need as soon as possible. 

6. Collect and analyze data

Your best customer service practices should always be fresh. It is critical that when your customers' wants, aspirations, and expectations evolve, so must your customer service operations.

What is the best strategy to monitor these changes and guide your evolution? Critical data collection and analysis.

You will only be able to enhance your customer service best practices if you keep records and references that can be traced back to case-study information, customer feedback, and consumer experiences.

The most incredible method to ensure that your current data can be powerful insight for your future is to implement a unified, all-inclusive program that organizes your tickets, provides they're easy to access, and allows for team-wide discussion.

7. Review your customer service

The digital age is all about data. But not just collecting it mindlessly but more about how you use it. Data does make a difference.

To better understand where customer service issues are occurring—and why they may be occurring in the first place—it is critical to allow customers to review your customer service representatives.

Surveys and reviews can provide information about your reps' performance, allowing you to reward dedicated agents, better educate them, and add further training when appropriate.

What's your next step?

By following these best practices, you can make sure your customer service is top notch and that your customers are satisfied and happy. This will eventually lead to increased revenue and growth for your company. Furthermore, providing excellent customer service can increase customer loyalty, reduce customer churn, and improve your brand's reputation. 

You'll need the correct solution to optimize your customer service and build the best customer service practices.

Consider an omnichannel solution. Whether you want to improve cross-team communication in your organization, like a more integrated approach to support your technical documentation, or enjoy a more sophisticated way to manage and analyze customer care tickets, it is always a great option.

Learn more about our omnichannel solution by visiting our website or contacting us for more info!

Today, omnichannel support is critical to providing the best possible customer experience. So, any IVR system should be part of the push toward genuine omnichannel service. A modern IVR system can assist you in improving the overall customer experience. It will set you apart from your competition and will more than pay for itself. 

Learn more about how the Live product family can help you support and improve your customer experience strategy.

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