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How AI is transforming contact centers

Do you think that artificial intelligence will have an impact on the business? If not, you should reconsider. Okay, let's read the next section and discover how it works. Yes, we will soon discuss how AI is transforming contact centers. Let's get things going.

Lots of new features were added to contact centers, including artificial intelligence (AI), which started to gain popularity in the early 2000s. Today, artificial intelligence is transforming operations in a number of ways, including through customized customer experiences, the providing of helpful insights, and increased agent productivity.

According to Outgrown statistics, 34% of executives say that AI chatbots save time and allow them to focus on deep thinking and creating. This reduces the stress and demands on live agents. To help contact center employees, artificial intelligence technology is also being used. Before speaking with the customer on the phone, agents may already be aware of who is on the line, what they need, and how to deliver it.

Contact center managers have three main goals in mind: ensuring excellent customer experiences, optimizing agent activity, and saving money. Artificial intelligence can help you accomplish all three goals.

In the modern contact center, live agents are no longer required to handle all inquiries and issues. Instead, it has developed to incorporate modern technology, improving customer satisfaction and reducing costs. The use of artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in this. According to a Markets and Markets report, the market for contact service artificial intelligence technology is anticipated to expand to more than $2.8 billion by 2024.

Let's take a look at how AI is transforming contact centers.

How AI is transforming contact centers and altering customer service?

The impact of artificial intelligence contact center technologies on customer service can assist customer support employees in working more productively. Also, having interesting and personally satisfying conversations, and reducing time spent on routine exchanges. AI can foster brand loyalty, boost retention, and improve customer satisfaction. While AI doesn't completely replace people, it does increase efficiency and relieve your customer support staff of regular tasks like answering FAQs.

On the other hand, companies that use artificial intelligence have a competitive advantage over those that have not yet embraced its advantages as the technology continues improving consumer satisfaction through personalization, deeper engagement, and proactive support.

1. Staff cost reduction

The process of hiring and training contact center employees is expensive and time-consuming. It takes a new employee some time to get up to speed. All the burden is in the meantime transferred to the current agents. As a result, even experienced staff members perform at a slower pace due to this added workload.

According to SWPP report, the turnover rate in the contact center is soaring around 30 - 45%. A contact center must therefore continuously manage HR-related tasks. Chatbots with AI capabilities can, however, fix the problem (as Live AI chatbot does). Yes, it will bridge the lack of human advisors. AI chatbots can also free up sales representatives to concentrate on other crucial tasks. 

2. Prompt service 

Automation provides incredible responsiveness, primarily because it can provide prompt customer service. Based on their online and in-app behavior, AI can anticipate customers' needs, identify their problems, and provide solutions via a FAQ page or virtual service agent before the customer becomes irate enough to call the customer service line. These forecasts might strengthen over time, improving customer satisfaction and significantly lowering customer abandonment rates.

3. Customer experiences improved personalization

Another significant benefit that vendors can gain from using artificial intelligence is that it gives the user of the website a more tailored experience. Based on previously gathered customer data and the general preferences of the customer, AI-enabled systems can accomplish this. AI will therefore make it possible for customers to experience products and website maps in a more personalized way. In the end, it will help to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the workload for the reps.

Furthermore, customers will grow to feel more a part of that specific service over time. In this way, not only will the conversion rate rise, but also the repetition rate will rise significantly. Live AI-powered customer segmentation can help you segment and group all your customers by their behavior, purchase potential, and lifetime value, so you could both benefit the most.

4. AI enhance team communications

Artificial intelligence benefits advisor communities by enhancing and growing them. Additionally, it functions as a virtual assistant, connecting the appropriate representative to the specific customer issue. Artificial intelligence holds time and transfers time to reduce in this way. As a result, it will improve customer satisfaction because they will receive better service. 

AI is therefore able to make daily communications more intelligent, streamlined, and readable. On the other hand, customers will also benefit from prompt service and pleasant conversation. Collaboration tools incorporate AI while connecting all representatives to one another. They serve as a virtual assistant as well, helping you locate pertinent data and subject-matter experts.

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5. The capacity to predict customer behavior

Following a sentimental analysis of the customer-agent interaction, managers will be able to anticipate customer behavior as it is just beginning to take shape. The interaction and analytical tools will be accelerated by artificial intelligence. Insights will be faster and more precise thanks to these tools. In order to anticipate impending downturns, the manager will be able to do so. In order to address the customers who may have been about to leave, the manager will brief the advisors.

However, managers will also be able to forecast the effects of a specific strategy or model of practices thanks to AI integration. As a result, the companies will experience a new horizon in terms of resource allocation, sales and marketing, and customer's voice. 

6. Offer 24/7 customer service

Any customer could become impatient with long wait times or slow responses. According to the Time trade report, companies lose more than 75% of customers due to long waiting times.

You can improve your contact center work by offering AI to manage the slower periods of the day instead of hiring additional agents to staff around the clock.

In this way, the contact center can provide round-the-clock customer service without having to spend extra money on hiring live agents. No matter the hour, simple interactions can be automated with AI and intelligent language understanding, guaranteeing excellent customer service.

7. Identifying customer and call types

The AI's ability to identify incoming calls and route them to the appropriate chatbot or human advisor is by far its most significant benefit. Additionally, a single window on the computer screen will display all the background data, the customer's past interactions, the nature of the inquiry, and any potential solutions that might apply.

Therefore, companies need to reconsider how they currently run. Nearly all companies will view their contact centers as an investment, rather than just an expense, in the future. Furthermore, because customer interaction is becoming more complex over time, the company's reputation will be more reliant on the method used to address customer complaints.

8. Chatbots

As you've seen, chatbots are currently one of the most often used channels for customer service inquiries. Customers can easily interact with website information and self-service help choices in a live setting without actually speaking to a service representative. Customers may now address problems as they arise, which softens the workload for support staff at companies.

Chatbots are excellent tools for responding to customer inquiries. On websites and mobile apps, AI-powered chatbots initiate conversations with users, answering frequently asked questions or guiding them through the application or purchase process. Due to the fact that they don't deal with general inquiries, customer service staff can devote more time to more complicated tasks.

The best thing about chatbots is their capacity to cut down on call traffic, allowing contact center operators to concentrate on more difficult problems rather than having to repeatedly respond to the same, simple questions. Live platform offers the best chatbot, a bot that speaks your language, understands dialects and street talk. It also recognizes context and follows up questions while handling multi-line messages, offensive language handling, and if needed, seamless transfer to a human agent is also available. 

9. Sentiment and advanced analytics 

Contact center technologies based on artificial intelligence are used to provide comprehensive statistics on call times, first resolutions, and other data. Managers can determine whether customers had a good or bad experience by using AI-powered tools to identify trends and access consumer data. Due to its ability to detect customer sentiment, tone, and personality, AI can provide more comprehensive analytics than a human customer support manager. Live platform offers to analyze and use AI to predict business trends, so you make data-backed decisions.


To improve customer service, artificial intelligence will be the driving force. The trend should be used as a competitive advantage and incorporated into your conversational experiences, not resisted.

Contact centers can now move past call lag and lengthy wait times thanks to AI. Customers benefit from convenience, more options for communication channels, and a more pleasant experience. Agents are given the freedom to devote more time to the customer who requires it, and managers have access to the data they need to run a more efficient contact center. Live platform is an AI-enabled customer experience solution. Explore the Live software solution today to find out more about how cutting-edge contact center software can help your company provide more for its customers.

Learn more about how the Live product family can help you support and improve your customer experience strategy.

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