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Reduce agent workload with call center automation

Call center automation ensures consistent, accurate, and more compliant customer service. It uses advanced technologies to eliminate customer frustration and churn while increasing revenue opportunities. Adopting contact center and call center automation can improve your organization's functions on nearly every level, including better customer experiences at lower costs. 

The issue of agent workload 

There is no secret that call center agents often experience high workloads, resulting in higher levels of discontent. Working at a call centre isn't easy. A call centre agent's job is one of the most demanding and stressful out here. But call centre stress isn't inevitable. 

According to a recent survey done by Deloitte, 63% of burned-out agents are likelier to take sick days. Also, they are 2.6 times more likely to seek a new job, while 13% have lower confidence and an entire half, 50%, are less likely to discuss performance. 

Yet 94% of agents said they are willing to stay with a company that invests in learning and reducing repetitive tasks. 

Agent satisfaction is a rarely talked-about subject: much attention is focused on customer experiences. Still, there is no good customer experience without great employee experience

Efficiency is crucial when it comes to leading a successful business. The calculation is simple: you become more profitable as you get more efficient.  

As you can see, this efficiency is essential in call centres. The question is how you go about it. There is no single answer to this question. However, a big part of this puzzle is in call center automation.  

What is Call Centre Automation 

Let's start by saying that automation is key to successfully handling most repetitive customer-facing interactions without human intervention. 

Recently, digital-first interaction became the preference. That means contact centers have to adapt their technology to put customers first. This is where automation comes in place. An essential element of automation is to resolve customer pain points, easing the interaction to resolve issues with less effort. 

A seamless, easy digital customer journey is key to enhancing customer experience and loyalty. 

Organizations are resolving more customer issues remotely and providing new service channels to boost overall effectiveness and improve customer experience. It's next-level innovation, leveraging AI-driven automation to streamline and improve workflows and offload repetitive tasks, automation to empower agents, cut costs, and save time. Intelligent automation brings it's capabilities to the forefront – adding voice and visuals, self-service options incorporating remote visual guidance, AI-powered virtual agent support and chatbots, and an updated, accessible knowledge base for live agents. 

Regarding automation, agents still play an essential role in providing better customer support. However, automation takes care of repetitive tasks and allows agents more time to focus on the customer's needs. 

As you can tell, the automaton is vital for a functional modern-day call center. In the next chapter, we will discuss how call center automation can help you run a more efficient call center. 

What CAN you automate? 

Digital flows 

Automation removes the need for tedious human data entry, an effective strategy for lowering errors and increasing consistency and efficiency. Less work for the agents means more time for face-to-face interaction with clients. 

Transfer of calls 

Automation facilitates routing optimization by promptly sending calls to digital and self-service channels and transferring them to live agents as necessary. A more immediate, personalized, and frictionless customer experience is made possible by an automated system that allows live operators to swiftly transfer calls to another agent or expert without the consumer having to repeat the dialogue. 

 Improved processes 

Automation significantly improves the flow of both internal and external processes. What do we mean by that? For example, repetitive tasks can be automated with intelligent visual guidance and verification between call agents. Automated scheduling assures ideal personnel levels for enhanced customer service while saving time and money. 


Without speaking to a human agent, clients may instantly find answers to their inquiries and solve their problems with the help of a chatbot, virtual assistant, and an automatic, updated online knowledge base. 

 AI-Powered analytics 

Obtain up-to-the-minute, accurate, and integrated customer and performance data, then employ advanced analytics to produce insights that align with the company's objectives and strategy while cutting costs, and raising KPIs, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. 

What do you get with Call Center Automation 

As we established, implementing call center automation enhances employee and customer experience. It helps to provide seamless handling of multiple channels, driving engagement and increasing profitability. Automation keeps you at the head of the game and maintains a competitive edge in a highly competitive industry. 

Since automation offers more than one way to improve metrics, let's look at particular benefits: 

Time savings 

Agents often find themselves handling multiple calls. This makes intelligent call routing that can help agents respond more efficiently the crucial element of call center. It also reduces waiting time: there is much fewer time agents have to spend less time talking to customers by shortening the interaction from the initial customer call to resolution. Higher first-call resolution improves customer experience. 

call center automation ASEE Live

Improve First Call Resolution 

First call resolution (FCR)-or First contact resolution- is a key performance indicator (KPI) used by many customer-oriented businesses to check their overall operations. When the call centre's FCR is high, agents adequately address the customer's needs within the first interactions without having to reroute the call. Businesses with lower FCR often have high employee turnover and less employee satisfaction. Consider this; a customer is already calling you two or three times for an issue that could be resolved within a single call. They get irritated. Then they call again and are connected to an agent without previous experience with a customer. Handling an angry customer's second or third call is significantly more stressful for agents, so avoiding those repeat calls by resolving the issue the first time contributes to a more positive working environment. Sub-par FCR numbers should raise a red flag to company management that agents require enhanced tools, training, or other resources to help them provide better service. 

This is where automation shines. An agent can look at the relevant information or previous issues raised by a customer, thus making it easy to navigate to solve the problem. This helps cut costs, improve both EX and cx and maximize revenue. 

Employee satisfaction 

As you know, there is no good customer experience without outstanding employee experience. Employees with automated tools and information bases can provide a more personalized customer experience. This also makes them more productive since they no longer have to focus most of their energy on repetitive tasks or customers. 

Automation cuts the time needed to respond, which results in increased efficiency. Successfully managing customer expectations and rapid issue resolution increase customer satisfaction.  

Automation has been especially crucial since the pandemic, with companies struggling to train, hire, and retain new agents. Chatbots help to free up time for existing agents by automating low-level interactions and only escalating the live chat to a customer service representative when necessary. This means that call centers can still function at a high level with fewer employees, thus allowing them to do their jobs in a more productive and less stressful environment. 

In those situations where a conversation is escalated, conversational AI technology can provide agents with all the details needed to handle and respond to the customer in a manner that will produce the best outcome. This data-driven advising gives the call centre agents the specific set of information they need at the very moment they need it. This reduces stress for both parties while increasing efficiency and productivity. 

Customer satisfaction 

Customers prefer live agents over computerized chatbots. They don't pass judgment and avoid conflict. These are crucial elements for those who are struggling financially. 

The aggravation of having to confirm account numbers, payment amounts repeatedly, and information from prior discussions is eliminated through automated interaction. A chatbot may instantaneously produce all the information, and the user only needs to confirm. 

Additionally, chatbots can now customize every client experience thanks to conversational AI and machine learning.  

Better collective outcomes 

Every call center agent knows how challenging it can be to get a customer to pick up the phone, particularly in the age of mobile device programs that block or muffle incoming calls from unknown numbers.  

Businesses can handle debt collection more proactively thanks to automated engagement. Throughout the entire customer journey, it helps them develop communication and trust. More involvement and money result from this. 

Automation boosted by AI enables you to understand your customers better and interact with them to achieve the best results. 

To conclude 

With the help of automation, contact centres can concentrate on providing a simple, effortless customer experience, handling requests without squandering time or sacrificing the personal touch when necessary. Automation in the call center promotes collaboration and will change the roles of the agents in addition to improving the user experience. 

Organizations will continue to rely on call and contact centers to provide better service for the foreseeable future. Modern call center technologies aim to increase customer satisfaction by enhancing productivity and profitability. Thanks to digital solutions, like LIVE agents can spend less time on menial tasks and more time on tasks that contribute to success. 

There are many ways to enhance the performance of your company's call centre, including omnichannel support, data analytics, and self-service options. Implementing call centre technology is critical to providing customers with the desired experience. 

Learn more about how the Live product family can help you support and improve your customer experience strategy.

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