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Sales F2F with a screen in between

Contact without (physical) contact – sales solutions in the era of social distancing

Every day brings new restrictions regarding COVID-19, and business must keep going. Is this even possible? With the aid of smart technologies – it is.

We got used to using web-shops and the accompanying chat-bots to do our groceries or fashion shopping. But there are some other areas of business with more sophisticated products whose sales still mainly involve personal contact between an employee and a client, such as, for example, insurance sales, provision of loans, and similar.

For these types of businesses, even when there is an online option, customers often prefer personal contact. And these are the very businesses that suffer a lot in periods of unforeseen circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic that we are witnessing at the moment.

What can we do in these kinds of situations?

Make contact – using image and sound – safely, on-screen – i.e., by using Live Virtual Front Desk video chat.

Virtual Front Desk, a module of Live communication platform, enables quality personal communication with clients without the need for a meeting in person. The process of concluding a contract or fulfilling another need of your client is done safely and efficiently, and it brings very concrete benefits for regular operations.

Key business benefits:

  • Better user experience: instead of impersonal contact, Virtual Front Desk offers a stronger connection with the client, which increases the loyalty and profitability of existing clients.
  • More natural acquisition of new clients: when we need to contract important insurance or open a new bank account, we are sometimes hesitant to do this online. By using the Virtual Front Desk video chat, we have the best of both worlds – personal contact and simpler communication, as well as the additional feeling of security while doing business.
  • High efficiency of sales staff: your sales network can attend a significantly larger number of meetings with clients, and the average waiting time for meetings is lower, so potential clients are acquired faster.
  • Improving client support: using the Live Virtual Front Desk significantly contribute to efficient communication and post-sales activities (e.g. damages claims - the provider and client can go through the whole process with the aid of bidirectional file-sharing).
  • Lower sales costs: reduce the need to travel by using Live Virtual Front Desk.

Key industries in which Virtual Front Desk provides significant business benefits:

  • Banking, insurance, and other financial industries
  • Utility companies
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Distribution of pharmaceuticals and medicinal equipment
  • Medical institutions and clinics

Virtual Front Desk module is integrated with CRM and other products from the Live product group, but it can also easily be integrated with your existing CRM and sales solutions.

Virtual Front Desk can lean on the current sales front-end solution and round up the whole sales process through safe two-way document exchange and signing, screen-sharing, and co-browsing. For business situations with the strictest security requirements, Virtual Front Desk also facilitates the management of the process of acquiring and implementing digital certificates.

Ensure business continuity today and contact us for more information.

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