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Pain points that Live Service Desk successfully solves.

Manage everything - from incident management, debt collection or SLA response time in one place.

Key benefits

Service Desk that automates all the tasks people don't like to do.
No one likes to waste time on tasks like manually managing response time or remembering when the contract should be renewed. Live Service Desk solution does exactly that: helps you automatically monitor collection dates, contract expiration dates and SLA response time so that, after the initial data entry process, you could focus more on the context of the support not the technical cooperation layout.
Speed up ticketing resolution time by up to 20%.
Live enables you to speed up processes and reduce time spent per ticket by timely dispatching tickets to the appropriate agent, using a co-browsing and screen-sharing option that helps agents easily guide customers toward resolution, significantly reducing ticket resolution time. Also, our smart engines analyze data so the patterns could be flagged and the best practices created for the knowledge base and resolution automation purposes.
Use knowledge base to get quicker results.
With Live Knowledge Management you will be in the position to speed up the process of solving issues by using a knowledge database of errors and resolutions that helps you navigate the future incidents that may happen using “the best next step” approach.
Onboard new support specialists in a day.
Live Knowledge management helps you easily onboard new support specialists by navigating them through the similar issues so they can get to understand the problem and propose a resolution faster than ever before, while significantly reducing mentoring time.
Key Features

Incident Management

Live makes on-call management and escalations easy. Define escalation and business rules so your team will always know who is on-call and accountable during incidents. This will boost your confidence that critical alerts will always be acknowledged and solved.

Full SLA Monitoring

Actively monitoring and improving all aspects of your customer agreement is what keeps clients satisfied and your cash flow steady. Activities like timely communication, solving issues within the given SLA timeframe, or adequately managing roles and debt collection process is just a part of the solutions Live offers.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management has become more important than ever for companies that would like to scale internally fast and speed up the knowledge transfer onboarding process. Create your own corporate “Bible” by collecting the accumulated organizational knowledge.

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