Virtual Branch

Driven by the current customer support trends recently many organizations have invested in digital channels and self-service for interaction with their customers.

However, market researches show that still human-assisted service is much appreciated by the customers, especially in a complex inquiry situations. On the other hand, investment in a physical branch cannot be easily justified due to a significant expenditure, the fact that it would cover only a limited geographical area and would force the customer to visit a physical location.

Therefore, the question is how to achieve human-assisted interaction, without the expenses of opening a new branch office and by offering unlimited geographical coverage ?


We would like to present Asseco “LIVE Virtual Branch” – a set of functionalities of LIVE Contact Center that enables the customer to perform all interactions over the Internet. LIVE Virtual Branch consists of various modules, which increase customer experience on the web page:

  • Text, audio and video chat, direct messaging – for communication with an agent
  • Co-browsing and Screen sharing – to improve customer help and reduce handling time
  • Bidirectional file sharing between an agent and a customer – to enable multiple business processes from remote customer acquisition to product sale
  • Transaction authorization – to allow the customer to sign proposal/deal presented by the agent
  • Callback request – the customer can request to be called at convenient time
  • Meeting arrangement in a physical branch – initiated and scheduled by the customer
  • Survey – functionality to collect input from customers using a digital questionnaire

All interactions are saved into LIVE customer’s 360o communications view, tracking the context of the interactions for reporting and future engagements purposes.

Asseco LIVE Virtual Branch is a true customer engagement solution that naturally integrates with all channels in the front and CRM systems in the backoffice. It can be efficiently used for customer support, sales, marketing, and debt collection, continuously driving your business forward.

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