How to make the most out of the Customer Management Solution and the Contact Center inside and outside the company?

LIVE is an Omni Channel web platform application that utilizes and optimizes Contact Centers, provides better customer relationship management, and ensures easier communication through various communication channels.

It also offers support for the customization of various business processes within your organization, regardless of whether they are client- or internal workflow-oriented. Our ticketing system will adjust to your business needs.

Try our powerful integrated CRM and Call Center solution that empowers customer engagement, builds loyalty, boosts organizational efficiency, and delivers cost savings.

AUTOMATE your business process and save time

STREAMLINE communication across all channels in one place

SUPPORT your clients whenever and wherever they need it

How can we help your business

Enable process optimization across technologies

Transform your contact center to deliver superior business value at an acceptable cost.

Offer seamless and efficient customer experience

You don’t  just tell your customers you care – show them.

Digital transformation

Step into the digital era of communication. Transform your traditional call center into a modern omni-channel contact center.

Improve communication between organization units and employee satisfaction

Achieve excellence and maximized profitability with employees that work as a single team focused on a common goal.

Improve sales and debt collection rates

A boring call waiting music or an engaged customer  – which one do you think is more likely to lead to a sale?

Virtual Branch
LIVE Virtual Branch is a set of functionalities of LIVE Contact Center that enables the customer to perform all interactions over the Internet. LIVE Virtual Branch consists of various modules, which increase customer experience on the web page

Text Chat

File Management


Video chat

Audio chat 

Screen sharing

Video chat

Direct Messaging


Meeting request




Communication channels

Supporting more than 10 different communication channels, from the traditional to digital ones

Contact management

Complaint management, Request management, Information management or any type of contact management.

Direct sales management

From lead generation to product sale, inbound or outbound, providing product information, consultations, acquisition or retention.

Campaign management

Planning and execution of marketing campaigns through supported communication channels.

Collection management

Planning and execution of debt collection strategy.

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Trusted by more than 60 clients

Reference list for LIVE solution includes:

  • 16 banks
  • 5 insurances
  • 6 utility companies
  • 3 lotteries
  • 2 card processing companies
  • 2 telecoms

30+ clients form other industries.

“Asseco Live solution has significantly improved our customer care process. After working closely with Asseco over the past years we have been very satisfied with their technical expertise, innovative ideas, and most of all the open and collaborative philosophy that Asseco Live team exemplifies.”

Goran Djugomanov, IT Manager, Ramstore, Macedonia

“We have been impresses by the Live versatility and its responsive interface. The integration with our other applications is straight forward allowing us to provide the high level of customer service required for our clients. Furthermore, no matter what concept we come up with, Asseco Live team seems to have a solution for it. Our confidence level is very high with live team.”

Aleksandar Atanasovski, Assistant Division Manager – Payment system division, Asseco Live project leader, NLB Banka Skopje, Macedonia

“We are very gratified with the speed of deployment and flexibility of the Asseco Live product. Asseco Live helps us to achieve our main contact centre goals: answering all calls with a live agent within our desired service level.”

Zijana Hasimja, CEO, PHONEXT, Albania

“No matter what concept we come up with, Asseco Live team seems to have a solution for it. They bring a lot to the table and are an integral part of Croatian Lottery’s continued success. Our confidence level is very high with Live team.”

Nikolina Gabelica, Head of iGaming, Croatian Lottery, Croatia

“Asseco Live helps us achieve one of our main contact center goals: answering all calls with a live agent within our desired service level.”

Marko Brkljačić, Head of digital marketing, Tokić, Croatia