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How to improve customer experience in retail industry?

In the preceding ten years, online retail has grown at an exponential rate. People's shopping habits have changed as a result. The companies have to follow the current and effectively adapt their customer experience in retail strategy. When used in retail, Live is like having your best salesperson, marketer, and customer service representative working 24/7 for each individual customer. With a Live solution, you can run even the most complex tasks that will put you one step ahead of other customers' needs. 

The companies improve their customer experience in retail in order to remain competitive. They try to offer a unique customer experience that you won't find anywhere else.  According to a PWC report, 73% of consumers point to experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions. Behind the price and product quality.  However, the customer experience is so crucial to retailers, they must improve their methods in order to outperform their competitors. This strategy necessitates the correct implementation of future steps. 

In this blog, we'll discuss:

  • Retail customer experience definition
  • 5 strategies to improve customer experience in retail industry 
  • The Benefits of an improved retail customer experience

What is customer experience in retail industry? 

Our lives are made up of a variety of experiences, some of which are influenced by the companies we choose to do business with. Every customer who enters your retail space has an experience, whether it's positive, negative, or indifferent. Previous experiences will affect how they view your brand. You want them to have a good experience and keep them coming back.

Online interaction between a company's brand and its clients is some companies' main point of contact. Some touchpoints may even take place both online and in person. 

We will concentrate on strategies to improve the consumer experience, specifically in the retail industry. There are countless strategies to deliver a very satisfying shopping experience and foster customer loyalty when interacting with your consumers.

Simply said, customers care about their experiences, and companies that prioritize delivering excellent customer experiences outperform those that don't.

5 strategies to improve customer experience in retail industry online 

Here are some of the strategies to improve customer experience in retail industry:

1. Train employees to be experts

Customer support agents should always be welcoming and helpful, but by ensuring that they are also knowledgeable, you may improve the consumer experience even further. According to an Adobe report, more than half (54%) of retailers said the customer experience is their most important area of focus. You can improve the customer experience when you put time and money into training your staff to be specialists.

2. Cater to your customers’ demographics

Knowing and serving your various customers is essential for retailers whose customer base is made up of people from different generations and demographics. Customers that are older, for instance, are a target market. For customers who lack the time to conduct in-depth online research or who would rather speak with a live person they can see and trust, retailers can offer e-commerce agents via live video chat as an alternative to visiting the store.

Making online purchasing around the community is beneficial for Millennials' experience. Customers are frequently surrounded by other shoppers or friends and family when they are at a store, making this simple to accomplish. However, this sense of community is often lost when shopping online. To get around this problem, merchants can encourage customers to bring a friend along for a live online engagement experience, so they can give their input. This often boosts the customer's confidence in their choice and results in a sale.

3. The art of live engagement

Retailers who want to attract multichannel customers — those who purchase in-store and online — need to offer live online engagement. Customers are more likely to buy from retailers who connect with them on mobile devices and in-person, whether through voice, video chat, text chat, or co-browsing. This increases brand loyalty and the likelihood of a sale by creating a strong emotional bond with the customer that extends beyond the product and price.

Text chat is helpful when customers want a prompt response to a question when deciding which live engagement types to use. When a customer has a lot of options and is having problems choosing. It can be good to co-browse with them and show them product images, descriptions, and features. Store representatives can provide video chat sessions for customers wishing to buy a product that is typically shown in-store.

CRM solution - Live by ASEE

4. The power is in the data: know your customer’s purchase history

It goes without saying that a great customer experience, especially online, depends on personalisation. One example is targeted emails that provide product recommendations based on previous purchases and browsing patterns. To help clients easily finish an online transaction, retailers can go a step further and provide live interaction sessions right from these emails. One of the major drivers of increased online sales for businesses is the provision of live, online customer assistance for the appropriate products.

5. You are saving your customer's time

The most significant advantage of online shopping is time savings. Going shopping isn't required. Instead, order your selected things from the convenience of your own home using your smartphone. You won't be able to experience this when shopping in a physical store.

There is nothing wrong with showing your customers that you value their time and try to save them time when they shop. Showing your clients that you're actively trying to help them is one of the best ways for your business to lead the way in great customer service in the retail industry. With a Live solution, your customers will be happy. Our platform will allow your customers to shop 24/7 at any time they prefer and instantly engage with your company.

The Benefits of an improved retail customer experience

When your consumers enjoy a positive shopping experience at your establishment, you should observe the following benefits:1-

1. Personalize your communication

You don't need to look any further if you're seeking for a solution to increase sales and improve agent engagement.

In order to speak to your customers on a fully personalized level across all channels, the solution enables you to have an overview of user profiles in a way that will instantly reveal their "DNA."

And when we say fully personalized level, we don't just mean sending "first name" and "last name" messages to your customers; rather, we mean addressing their actual needs and assisting them in finding a solution to their issues.

2. Switch between communication channels with ease

By integrating all channels, including phone, live chat, email, social media, and more, you'll give your customers the freedom to shop anywhere from the website, app, or the store and switch between them. This will also deliver a constant level of customer service and consistent communication, preventing your customers from getting frustrated by having to ask the same questions repeatedly across all channels.

3. Scale globally at anytime with the power of AI

Keep your consumers happy round-the-clock by allowing them to shop whenever they want (even while you are on vacation) and to interact with your business right away.

Combining chatbots with AI's capability allows you to automate a variety of tasks that could better serve the needs of your consumers, such as predicting purchase intent and escalating issues intelligently to give them the greatest immediate customer experience.

4. Get actionable customer insights

Your company will have a significant advantage when dealing with disruptive and competitive problems if it collects, unifies, and analyzes customer data for better campaigning and decision-making. The teams are able to respond to market or consumer preference changes, which are more frequent in the retail industry, more swiftly because of the openness that is made accessible.


The key to the exceptional customer experience is those five strategies for customer experience in retail are great examples that you can apply to your business. If you can master these key elements of your strategy, you can be confident that your customers will be wholly delighted and leave you with positive testimonials, which will help you draw in more clients.

Learn more about how the Live product family can help you support and improve your customer experience strategy.

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