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6 Reasons Why Great Customer Experience Matters

The customer experience (CX) generally defines how a customer perceives interaction with your company or a brand. The importance of customer experience is a fundamental factor in any organization's success in today's world. Providing an exceptional CX is at the heart of every successful business. Customers are more likely to return when they feel appreciated and enjoy the overall experience of doing business with you. If you do it wrong, they'll not only swarm to your competition, but they'll probably never give you another chance. According to Acquia “Globally, more than three-quarters (76%) of customers switch to a brand competitor after just one bad experience

The reputation of your brand is just as important, if not more significant than the items or services you offer. Creating a positive customer experience (CX) is therefore not just common sense. It is also essential for long-term business growth. 

6 Reasons Why Great CX Matters?

Establishing a brand and gaining a competitive advantage require more than just products and services. Competitors can provide comparable product quality and pricing. What sets you apart from the competition is the level of service you provide to your customers. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Businesses globally have an average customer satisfaction percentage of 86%. Exceeding your customers’ expectations starts with a positive experience. Brands must be accurate, dependable, and deliver on their promises. The opportunity comes in being able to deliver on your promises while also surprising your customer with extra care and support. 

According to Trustpilot, a completely satisfied customer generates 2.6 times the revenue of a partially satisfied customer and 14 times the revenue of a partially dissatisfied customer.

The company should make sure that the customer experience is consistent across all touchpoints. This results in a smooth experience throughout the customer journey. Live omnichannel customer support solution can help you maximize the share of relevant information in a single platform acquired by all departments with the focus on increasing customer service quality.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

A good customer experience is both a blessing and a point of differentiation from the competition. Customer loyalty and retention are the result. The more your customers are loyal to your brand, the more likely they are to make purchases from you. Not only that, but loyal customers also assist in spreading positive word of mouth about your company and bringing in new clients via referrals. All of these have a positive impact on your company's revenue. What business doesn't want to increase its profits? Do you want to keep your customers' loyalty and improve customer experience? With Live, you can boost customer satisfaction by addressing all aspects of the customer journey - from onboarding through servicing and upselling.

Reduce the Number of Customers Who Leave

Customer attrition is influenced by a number of factors, including price. Poor customer service is the root of churn. According to Super Office 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. So, it’s important to identify and address any communication gaps.      

Create a Competitive Advantage

Superior CX can be a significant competitive advantage. Low costs or a superior customer experience could be the company's two primary differentiators. Deliver a "wow" effect while supporting customers on their preferred channel when they require assistance and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Boost Sales

A great communication platform helps your agents, sales, and other employees who interact with customers by providing them with a 360 view of the customer and all relevant information in a single interface. Thus, creating a great CX and making up-sell and cross-sell opportunities more successful. As a result, sales and revenue increase.

Makes you a Better Company

Companies that build their plans and goals on excellent CX perform well and are constantly innovating. They concentrate on customer pain points, actively seek to resolve them, and do it with the simplest and most effective solutions possible.


Focusing on simplicity and consistency is essential to effective customer service. The customer journey has changed, and now the importance of customer experience is more crucial than ever before. Customers may now perform extensive research before making a purchase thanks to the digital era, and purchasers are relying on online reviews more than ever before. As a result, customer expectations have grown.

This means that if you want your consumers to have seamless experiences that promote a favorable picture of your business, you must provide support when they need it, develop the greatest possible CX strategy, and ensure that every connection is seamless.

Our Live platform is one of the key steps in developing a high-level customer experience. It may assist you in determining a successful business plan for your company and increasing profitability by optimizing and automating internal and external communication.

For more information on how the Live product family can support and enhance your CX strategy, don't hesitate to


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